Friday, October 30, 2009

Workout Review - Physique 57 and The Bar Method

I would love arms like Kelly Ripa's.

I read recently that Ripa is a regular at Physique 57, in NYC.
I, obviously, can't make a class on 57th street in NYC.
But, they have a workout video and who do you think owns it.
Yep, I do.

The set comes with 3 DVD's: The 57 minute workout, a 30 minute workout and a 30 minute arms and abs workout.

The only equipment needed is a sturdy dining chair, light hand weights and a playground ball.

I haven't owned this workout very long, so my muscles are still in shock every time I do it. It is a tough workout. You will feel it the next day.

I find the cuing and instructions a little hard to follow. But, it could be that I haven't done it enough times to really know what I am doing yet. I am going to keep at it and will report back when I have Ripa's arms! :)

Another DVD that is along the same line is the Bar Method. I have The Bar Method: Change Your Body.

This is a great workout to learn the basics of the bar-type workouts. Burr Leonard's cuing and instructions are very good. The workout is good, but I don't feel the burn the next day, like I do with Physique.

Again, with this workout all you need is a sturdy chair and light hand weights.

The goal of these two workouts is to really get in the muscles and work them with small isometric moves. The way the muscles are worked and then stretched is supposed to give you long lean muscles, like that of a ballerina. If you dislike cardio as much as I do then you will probably enjoy the pace of these workouts.


  1. I was trying find reviews about physique 57 on google, and your website came up. Are you still doing the dvd? Is it effective?


  2. Nicole,
    I took a break from these workouts to prepare for skiing by doing more cardio and weight training, but I have been thinking I need to mix these back into my rotation.


  3. Is it beneficial to have both Physique 57 & The Bar Method? I also have the Core Fusion dvd's from Exhale that are based on the Lotte Berk Method as are both P57 & TBM. I'm wondering if they're all repetitious. Thanks!


  4. I have done both Physique 57 and The Bar Method at their studios - the two exercises are very similar. The routines are the same, and you work out essentially the same muscles.